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For most horse owners, success is not measured in monetary terms but in feeling we have done our best to take care of our horses. It is difficult to see them suffer from the challenges of every day life. In addition, foaling, weaning, training, transporting, performing, and ageing can cause our horses to fall short of peak performance. This is most often seen in lack of focus, reduced feed intake, poor stamina, and overall poor bloom. These setbacks can be frustrating and leave a horse owner wondering "Isn’t there more I can do?"


MORINDAcare® equineperform contains joint support ingredients to help athletic and senior horses with their unique needs.



MORINDAcare® equineperform helps support a healthy immune system. It also contains ingredients shown to support joint function, provides antioxidant support, supports balanced behavior and promotes relaxation.


Equine Perform equineperform   1 gallon
Equine Perform is for use with athletic, working or older horses. It contains all of the benefits of equine maintain with the added benefit of glucosamine and MSM to help support joint function.

Bottle Pump bottlepump   
1 ounce white plastic pump with 1/2 ounce clip for more accurate dosing. Fits on the 1 gallon product offering.